Hi There, I’m Devon. I’ve been in the gardening business for 30 odd years. I started out by helping my brother-in-law with his landscaping business which led to my own road to eventually taking over that very business. 

When I think back, the real inspiration when it came to getting into the landscaping, wasn’t just a few extra dollars from my Uncle. It all really started back when I was a kid, at my Opa and Oma’s place. 

Our family lived in your classic suburban town; manicured lawns and standard shrubbery. But in the summer, my older brother, younger sister, and I would head out to Opa and Oma’s. They had a small farm just about four hours out of town, with space and the patience to grow just about anything you could think of. 

As a kid, we would do all the things you’d expect of siblings with all the space in the world (or at least that’s what it felt like to us). While we played in the long afternoons our grandparents tended to different jobs. The farm itself was operated by a couple of workers, but the garden was where Oma and Opa did their best work. 

I was always fascinated by the time they put into cultivating their soil, and I watched them weed. Constantly. The weeding seemed endless; for as much growing work that needed to be done, there was always the weed maintenance to work with as well. It was a big topic of conversation over the dinner table as well, how to best handle the weeds.

That discussion would go on through the summer, and on over the years. When I finally started helping my uncle out, all the weed talk came flooding back. 

I was studying at the time, business, not really sure what that business would be. When I met my wife Robyn, she seemed sure I’d use my degree to grow the family business. But gardening was my passion, outlet I guess you’d call it,  and I wanted to keep it that way. I worked with Uncle Charlie every weekend, growing my know-how and skill. 

I was finally ready to take over the business after my third daughter was born, and Uncle Charlie retired. 

A lot of people like to say that gardening runs in our family. But I think it’s more than that. Gardening wasn’t only a way for our family to make a living, or a skill that we enjoyed, it taught us patience, working together, and problem-solving. 

When you look at what it takes to keep your grass green, your flowers blooming, and your veggies producing, there’s more than gardening skills, it’s life skills. 

For example, I prefer to work with the most organic weed killers, but if you’ve got a tough job and little time, sometimes you have to compromise. 

If you’ve ever tried to plant more than a cactus, you’ve probably had the weed conversation yourself. How to best get rid of your weeds in the fastest, safest and most effective way. Then there’s other considerations, like where you live, your family, your pets. 

All the know-how you’ll find here is from on-the-job experience. Back when the job was just Charlie and I, there wasn’t a website to go to, there was barely a convention for miles. That’s why I decided to put together this site. Taking all my years of experience, my hands-on experience and sharing it with you.

There are tips for all sorts. Animal lovers, flower enthusiasts, and your dedicated lawn grower. Doesn’t matter if you’re gardening for the fun of it, or running your own operation, you’ll find the answers you’re looking for here. 

In almost three generations of gardeners, I can tell you one thing for sure: Weeds are the common enemy, here you’ll learn how to hash out the specifics of tackling them. 

Go Get ‘Em!