Best Weed Killer for Lawns 2024: In-depth Reviews & Ultimate Guide

Are you getting very frustrated that no matter how hard you try, your lawn and garden are still far from being perfect? You always use a lawnmower on your lawn grasses to just the right height.

You always make sure that your grass and plants are watered properly, and you eliminate the weeds as soon as you see them. However, why does it seem as if there are more grass and lawn weed than when you first started?

The problem here is that getting rid of weeds that you can see is not enough. You need to make sure that they do not grow back, and this is where the best weed killer for lawns can help.

Best Weed Killer for Lawns Comparison Table

Product Name Image Features Price
1. Southern Ag 2,4-D Amine Weed Killer

Best Economical Use Rate

  • Great coverage
  • Favorable concentration
  • Safe on crops
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2. Espoma Organic Weed Preventer

Best Choice

  • Completely natural
  • Quick to apply
  • Safe to apply
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3. Scotts Turf Builder Weed and Feed Fertilizer
  • Versatile
  • Variety of coverage
  • Strengthens lawn
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4. Scotts Halts Crabgrass & Grassy Weed Preventer

Best Value

  • Single application
  • Rainproof
  • Safe to use
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5. Scotts Moss Control Granules for Lawns
  • Inexpensive
  • Fast results
  • Nutrient-rich formula
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6. Spectracide Weed Stop For Lawns Plus Crabgrass Killer Concentrate
  • Easy to use
  • Quick results
  • Works up to 5 mos.
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7. Southern Ag Atrazine St. Augustine Weed Killer
  • Wide coverage
  • Versatile
  • Works fast
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8. Spectracide Weed Stop for Lawns Plus Crabgrass Preventer Granules
  • Hassle-free
  • Wide coverage
  • Guarantees protection
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9. Ortho Weed B Gon Weed Killer for Lawns Concentrate
  • Effective and powerful
  • Huge coverage
  • Rainproof
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10. Chickweed Clover Oxalis Killer 128 FL
  • Powerful action
  • Kills weeds overnight
  • Ready for spraying
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11. Ortho Max Nutsedge Killer RTU
  • Hassle-free formula
  • Effective nutsedge control
  • Rainproof
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12. PBI/Gordon 652400 Speed Zone Lawn Weed Killer
  • Great coverage
  • Quick results
  • Beautifies your lawn
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13. Roundup For Lawns RTS (Northern)
  • Decent coverage
  • Easy to use
  • Fast-acting formula
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Best Weed Killer for Lawn Reviews of 2019

1. Southern Ag 2,4-D Amine Weed Killer

Southern Ag 2,4-D Amine Weed Killer

Another weed killer that you should check out is the Southern Ag 2, 4-D Amine. It is a selective weed killer, making it an ideal solution for lawns that already have established vegetation and plants.

It is mainly because what its targets are only unfavorable plants, grasses, and weeds. It will not harm other growth that is beneficial and favorable for your lawn.

It can kill numerous types of weed, including broadleaf, chickweed, clover, poison ivy, and dandelion. This product can eliminate the mentioned weed species without touching nor causing damage to your beautiful grasses.

You can get it at a 30-oz. concentrate bottle, allowing you to cover a maximum area of 20,000 sq. ft. You can just increase the amount of concentrated formula applied to a specific area if you notice that there are still remaining and surviving weeds after you applied it for the first time.

Applying it is also easy. Just do it on low pressure to make it work in targeting your unwanted grasses. What is more beneficial about it is that it follows a no-soil action formula. With that, it is possible for you to plant crops a few days after spraying the area. It also boasts of its fast-acting formula as the weeds can quickly and easily absorb the solution.

The versatility of this selective herbicide is also noticeable. You can see how versatile it is once you notice that it works in a wide range of places, including rangelands, pasture, golf courses, lawns, and even cemetery.

It makes it the perfect selective weed killer for you in case you are worried about disrupting your other grasses or crops.

What are the Special Things About this Product?

  • Guarantees the safety of your established crops and lawns – It is because it can avoid popular and beneficial grass strains, such as the St. Augustine. This can give you peace of mind, knowing that these grasses will continue to grow and thrive.
  • Favorable concentration – This product has a 46 percent active herbicide, which makes it high in concentration. With that, you will enjoy more flexibility in the dilution’s strength, making it possible for you to increase its power in killing weeds.
  • Great coverage – It can actually treat a wide and huge area, about 20,000 square feet.

Grasses the Product Kills:

  • Clover,
  • Poison ivy,
  • Dandelions,
  • Chickweed,
  • Broadleaf weeds.

2. Espoma Organic Weed Preventer – Best Lawn Weed Killer

Espoma Organic Weed Preventer

The Epsoma Organic Weed Preventer is also a great buddy for those who are looking for a way to put a stop to the growth of weeds in their lawns or garden. It is a granular and solid product, which is being promoted as a weed preventer.

You can use it safely two times each year, providing your garden or lawn with all the nutrients that you need for lush and green growth. This selective systemic weed preventer works well on pre-emergent weeds. It also has a 2,500 square feet coverage.

You can also use it in inhibiting the growth of weeds. If you are dealing with troublesome weeds, such as crabgrass and dandelions, then you will find its corn-gluten and pure formulation as a truly natural solution for them.

It is totally natural, too, which gives an assurance that it is not harmful to pets and kids. This means that even if they play right after administering the weed preventer, they will not be harmed.

The best time to use this weed control and preventer is during the early fall and the early spring prior to the germination of the weed’s seeds. You can safely use this product on established lawns. Avoid using it on a new lawn, which is either seeding or over-seeding.

You can use it in feeding your lawn and ensuring that it continues to bring out the green and deep color. It also does its job well of inhibiting the development of roots in weed seedlings.

What are the Special Things About this Product?

  • Easy and quick to apply – It is mainly because it comes in a granular form.
  • Completely natural – It is one of the safest weed preventers in the market today, considering the fact that it is all-natural. It utilizes a pure formula with corn-gluten, which is natural and safe for pets and kids. This means that they are allowed to play in the area even after the application.
  • Can bring out the beauty of your lawn – It can make it as lush and as green as possible. It will also eliminate all your problems regarding weeds.

Grasses the Product Kills:

  • Redroot pigweed,
  • Annual bluegrass,
  • Black medic,
  • Giant foxtail,
  • Large crabgrass,
  • Black nightshade,
  • Dandelion,
  • Velvetleaf

3. Scotts Turf Builder Weed and Feed Fertilizer

Scotts Turf Builder Weed and Feed Fertilizer

You can also trust the Scotts Turf Builder when attempting to gain power in terms of controlling your lawn. The fact that it is twice more powerful in controlling your lawn compared to its previous super concentrate formula showcases how effective it really is.

It is truly manufactured in a way that it can clear out or fully eliminate common and problematic weeds and grasses in your yard or lawn, such as clover and dandelion.

This product makes use of the WeedGrip technology, a distinctive technology used by the brand in gripping visible weeds as well as those that cannot be seen by the eyes.

It does so to provide more room for the growth of green and strong beneficial grasses. It has a wide range of coverage – from 2,500 to 10,000 square feet.

Another positive strength of this selective systemic product is that it can crowd out problematic weeds just by feeding your lawn to thicken it. It is a versatile product knowing the fact that it is applicable to a variety of grasses, like Kentucky bluegrass, centipede, Bermuda, and ryegrass.

When used during the summer, it is possible for it to help in strengthening your lawn to handle the heat and drought. You can also use it during the fall so you can cultivate strong and deep roots for favorable grasses. This action can help in creating a much better lawn that you will enjoy next spring.

What are the Special Things About this Product?

  • Offers a variety of coverage – In fact, you can apply it to different areas – from 2,500 sq. ft. to 10,000 sq. ft.
  • Versatile – I can say that it is a versatile product because it is possible for you to use it regardless of the grasses and weeds you would like to target.
  • Can beautify and strengthen your lawn – Aside from killing weeds and other undesirable grasses, you can also benefit from this product by using it in beautifying and strengthening your lawn.
  • Useful for various seasons – You can even use it both in the fall and the summer seasons.

Grasses the Product Kills:

  • Fescue,
  • Bermuda,
  • Ryegrass,
  • Kentucky bluegrass,
  • Zoysia,
  • Centipede,
  • Bahiagrass.

4. Scotts Halts Crabgrass & Grassy Weed Preventer

Scotts Halts Crabgrass and Grassy Weed Preventer

The Scotts Halts Grassy Weed and Crabgrass Preventer is a selective systemic weed preventer designed to target and attack pre-emergent seeds. It is an effective product because you only need to apply it once to prevent the growth of weeds and crabgrass for one whole season.

Just a single application is also enough to prevent the emergence of weeds and crabgrass for one whole season.

Aside from being a weed and crabgrass killer, this specific product from Scotts works in preventing the growth of winter weeds in your lawn, including chickweed, poa annua, and henbit. It is also the best herbicide for lawns during the fall, especially if what you are aiming for is prevention.

One more advantage of this product is that you can apply it on your lawn regardless of the weather is freezing, snowing, or raining.

No matter what the weather is, it can’t affect the overall performance of this option for the best weed killer. It also has great coverage (specifically, around 5,000 to 15,000 square feet, depending on your selected size).

It is advisable to use it during the spring to facilitate the prevention of weeds and crabgrass that lasts one whole season. Furthermore, it becomes rainproof or waterproof after thirty minutes of applying it.

It is highly recommended to use it for a max of two times annually only. There should also be an interval of at least two months before the next application.

What are the Special Things About this Product?

  • Only requires a single application – One special thing about this weed and crabgrass killer is that it is hassle-free to use because one application is enough to make its effect last for an entire season.
  • Useful in various weather conditions – Whether it is freezing, snowing, or raining, you can use this product on your lawn. It would be best to use this during the spring, though.
  • Rainproof or waterproof – Expect this effect to become noticeable thirty minutes after putting the preventer in your lawn.
  • Safe to use on your lawn – You can have peace of mind when using this product because there is a hundred percent assurance that it will not affect nor harm your lawn in any way.

Grasses the Product Kills:

  • Foxtail,
  • Goose grass,
  • Barnyard grass,
  • Spurge,
  • Crabgrass,
  • Poa annua,
  • Henbit,
  • Chickweed.

5. Scotts Moss Control Granules Lawn Weed Control

Scotts Moss Control Granules for Lawns

Another excellent choice, especially for those who are on a budget, is the Scotts Moss Control Granules. Apart from being inexpensive, this effective weed control and prevention option are safe to use on lawns with up to 5,000 square feet coverage.

The granules and other active ingredients used in this product work not only in dealing with and controlling moss and weeds but also in ensuring that your lawns stay safe during the procedure.

It does not only keep your lawns safe; it also works in adding nutrients to them, allowing them to thrive and blossom even more. It uses a selective systemic formula, which works in dealing with both post-emergent and pre-emergent weeds.

One benefit of the Scotts Moss Control Granules is that it can kill moss without having a negative effect on the young and growing grass.

It also offers more surface coverage, especially when you compare it to other liquid moss and weed killers. Moreover, it is designed in a way that can produce your desired results within just 24-48 hours after you applied it.

The granules are only appropriate for use on landscapes and lawns. They are not that safe when used on hardscapes. One remarkable thing about this product is that you can use it during the time when there are moss and weed growth.

However, there should be around 2 to 4 weeks of interval in between each application to prevent the risk of damaging your lawn. It is best to apply it to a dry or moist lawn. Also, you need to water the ground thoroughly right after applying the product.

One sign that it is already working is that when the granules begin showcasing a dark color. It is also best to put it on your lawn during the spring or winter season as this is the time when the moss grows actively.

What are the Special Things About this Product?

  • Designed to kill moss and weeds without causing any damage to your lawn – This means that your established lawn will continue to become as beautiful as ever, if not better.
  • Uses a formula filled with nutrients – This option designed to control weed and grass makes use of a nutrient-rich formula, which mainly contains iron and other vital nutrients. It nourishes beneficial grass without having any active fertilizers.
  • Inexpensive – It gives you plenty of benefits for such a low price.
  • Visible results within just 24 – 48 hours – It does not take that long to produce your desired effect.

Grasses the Product Kills:

  • Moss,
  • Weeds,
  • Seasonal and unwanted grasses in your lawn.

6. Spectracide Weed Stop For Lawns Plus Crabgrass Killer Concentrate

Spectracide Weed Stop For Lawns Plus Crabgrass Killer Concentrate

Another perfect weed killer companion is the Spectracide Weed Stop For Lawns Plus Crabgrass Killer Concentrate specifically designed to handle the problematic weeds and grass there.

This systemic weedkiller works in such a way that the weed can fully absorb its fast action formula then transport it through the problematic weeds grasses. It can gradually kill and control weeds, giving you the results you desire in just a couple of weeks.

It is the perfect weed killer if what you want to tackle are the post-emergent ones. It takes pride in its extended control, which is noticeable in its ability to handle more than 200 weed species while ensuring that the attractive and favorable grassy environment remains untouched.

This means that it will leave the other beneficial plants and grasses alone.

Apart from its ability to kill weeds effectively and prevent the growth of crabgrass, it also helps in maintaining the good health and freshness of your lawn.

What is even more impressive about this product is that it has granules that work beneath the soil for a max of 5 months continuously. This is great if you do not want the killed weeds to come back.

If you want to get the best and complete results, it would be best to apply it during the summer using a garden spreader.

It comes in a ready to use formula, too, which means that you no longer have to bother yourself since there is no need to mix or prepare anything. As for the coverage, expect it to handle an area of up to 3,000 sq. ft.

What are the Special Things About this Product?

  • Kills up to 250 different kinds of lawn weeds – This is a strong indication that this is indeed one of the best types of weed killer in the market today.
  • Easy to use formula – You do not need to mix anything. It is already ready to use upon opening. Just make sure that you have your spreader around.
  • Works up to 5 long months – During that period, this solution also gives an assurance that the weeds will not come back.
  • Good for your lawn – If you are serious about lawn care then you will like this product because it is good for your lawn. It will not put it in any harm whatsoever. It will do its intended job of killing the bad types of grass and weed.
  • Quick results – It produces great results in just 8 hours.

Grasses the Product Kills :

  • Dandelion,
  • Clover,
  • Chickweed,
  • Crabgrass,
  • Yellow nutsedge,
  • Foxtail.

7. Southern Ag Atrazine St. Augustine Weed Killer

Southern Ag Atrazine St. Augustine Weed Killer

Another weed killer for a lawn that is highly suggested in this review and buyer’s guide is the Southern Ag Atrazine. This is one of those selective systemic weed killers that also work efficiently as a powerful broadleaf weed killer.

It is primarily because it is made in a way that it can kill numerous broadleaf weeds. You can also use it in dealing with centipede grass and suppressing the growth of crabgrass.

It is a great choice for weed prevention because of its usefulness in controlling emerged weeds as well as those weeds coming from seeds. Some of its users also notice how economical it is.

It is because of its low economical consumption rate, which is only around 1-4 pints for every acre.

This top-rated weed killer is also manufactured in a way that it can cover a maximum area of 1,000 sq. ft. It is not that hard to apply in your lawn and yard because it is manufactured to be easy to use. It can give you your preferred results within just a couple of hours of using it.

It would be best to apply it during spring to maximize its effects.

Another remarkable thing about this solution is that it is applicable to numerous uses. You can use it in handling specific grasses not only on your lawn but also in pastures, golf courses, parks, non-crop sites, ditch banks, and fences.

What are the Special Things About this Product?

  • Wide coverage – Expect its size to be able to handle up to a thousand square feet. It also boasts of its low rate of economical consumption, specifically around 1-4 pints every acre only.
  • Not that difficult to apply – You will never experience any hassle during the application because it is made to promote ease during the procedure
  • Versatile – It works in a number of areas and grasses.
  • Works fast – One more positive point about this product is that it works fast, around a couple of hours only after putting it on the affected spot.

Grasses the Product Kills:

  • St. Augustine,
  • Centipede,
  • Chickweed,
  • Henbit,
  • Annual bluegrass,
  • Various annual clovers,
  • Crabgrass,
  • Knotweed.

8. Spectracide Weed Stop for Lawns Plus Crabgrass Preventer Granules

Spectracide Weed Stop for Lawns Plus Crabgrass Preventer Granules

The next product I would like to discuss is the Spectracide Weed Stop for Lawns Plus Crabgrass Preventer Granules that work as a powerful and impressive systemic herbicide.

As a systemic solution, expect the weed to absorb it then be transported all throughout the plant. It works by killing the weed and feeds it comes in contact with gradually. The results will be noticeable within three weeks.

One of the strengths of this top pick is that it guarantees consistent results and works in a gentler manner when you compare it with the other products. Due to its gentle formula and ingredients, it is possible for it to give favorable results without damaging your entire vegetation, including the beneficial flowers, grasses, and vegetables in there.

It also acts as a selective weed and vegetation killer in the sense that it selectively targets more than 200 species of weeds, including broadleaf, chickweed, dandelion, and clover. The 32-oz. of this product is adequate to provide up to 16,000 sq. ft. coverage. This is large enough, giving you a good value for its low price. You can also use it for at least one treatment.

It is appropriate for use on post-emergent weeds. One more valuable benefit of the Spectracide Weed Stop for Lawns Plus Crabgrass Preventer Granules is that it promises up to 5 months of extended control, giving you as much control in your garden and lawn as possible. It is also a nice choice especially if you prefer a hassle-free solution to weeds. It is because being based on granules makes it ready for use without the need for any mixing.

What are the Special Things About this Product?

  • Targets a wide range of weeds – In fact, it can handle more than 200 kinds of weeds. It can stop the growth of the weeds along your turf without putting the lawn beneath in danger. It can even help make your lawn look beautiful, healthy, and fresh.
  • Hassle-free to use – It comes in a ready-to-use pack, which means that mixing is unnecessary.
  • Guarantees protection and control for a long time – In fact, you will be enjoying up to 5 months of extended control and protection from this lawn and turf herbicide.
  • Wide coverage – It can support your need for a weed killer with wide coverage, up to 16,000 square feet, to be exact.

Grasses the Product Kills:

  • Broadleaf
  • Carolina geranium,
  • Blessed thistle,
  • Poison ivy,
  • Stinging nettle,
  • Crimson cover,
  • Redroot pigweed.

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9. Ortho Weed B Gon Weed Killer for Lawns Concentrate

Ortho Weed B Gon Weed Killer for Lawns Concentrate

The Ortho Weed B Gon is also another product that should form a huge part of any weed killer review. This selective systemic product works ideally for post-emergent weeds.

It is the most appropriate solution for at least 250 types of weed, including oxalis, chickweed, and clover, as well as Bermuda grass and other problematic grasses that grow in your lawn.

One awesome benefit is that it is capable of targeting only the selected weeds. This means that even if it touches the other grasses and vegetation, they will remain unaffected and continue to stay alive. If you are dealing with difficult weeds, then you can just apply it multiple times (specifically every 5 days or so).

It is one of the weed killers that concentrates on the market today that focus on quality without being offered at a steep price.

It is also satisfying to know that this Ortho Weed Killer can be expected to work down to the weed’s roots, thereby not giving them any chance to survive. If you live in an area that tends to rain from time to time then you do not have to worry about using this product. It is because it is known to be rainproof in as little as 1 hour.

One more thing, it can give you favorable results within just a few hours. It works perfectly for spot treatments.

It is ready to use as you do not need to mix it on anything. You can also apply it with the help of a comfort wand, which can give you full and precise control.

What are the Special Things About this Product?

  • Effective and powerful – This product is guaranteed to be effective and powerful especially if you consider how it is capable of solving problems of up to 250 kinds of weed. It can even handle those weeds that are otherwise difficult to manage.
  • Works to the roots – This can prevent the weeds from returning to your lawn
  • Rainproof – It is possible for its rainproof feature to come into life within just an hour of application.
  • Huge coverage – In fact, depending on your chosen size, you will be able to enjoy applying it to up to a max area of 64,000 sq. ft.

Grasses the Product Kills:

  • Bermuda grass,
  • Oxalis,
  • Chickweed,
  • Clover,
  • St. Augustine,
  • Bluegrass,
  • Centipede grass,
  • Bahiagrass.

10. Chickweed Clover Oxalis Killer 128 FL

Chickweed Clover Oxalis Killer 128 FL

The Chickweed Clover Oxalis Killer is also worthwhile to check out. One thing that is notable about this selective herbicide is that it serves as an invaluable solution, especially for users who wish to maintain the pristine look of their lawns and gardens.

It also delivers a powerful action with its active ingredient known as horsepower. This ingredient combines selective herbicides, namely Dicamba, MCPA, and triclopyr.

With such a combination, it is no longer surprising to see this product working favorably to a lot of lawn owners. One impressive advantage of this solution is that it arrives at your destination completely ready for spraying.

The only item you need to administer it on your turf or lawn is a spray nozzle. Right after administering it for the first time, it will perform its intended function.

It is even possible for it to kill the weeds overnight. It is also manufactured in a way that it gets rainproof within just several hours of administering it.

It can handle more than a hundred fifty weed species – that is possible while retaining the freshness of the lawn beneath them. It also earned the trust of thousands of lawn owners, ground keepers, and landscapers, proving its effectiveness.

What are the Special Things About this Product?

  • Powerful action – thanks to the active ingredient used in it, called horsepower.
  • Ready for spraying – Another thing that is so special about this Chickweed Clover Oxalis Killer is that it is meant for use immediately. It is not troublesome to use as it is packaged in a way that you can spray it immediately without having to mix anything. You also only need a spray nozzle to finally take advantage of it.
  • Can kill weeds overnight – Right after administering the product, it will begin doing its job in killing and controlling weeds. This allows it to start giving you the results you want overnight.

Grasses the Product Kills:

  • Chickweed,
  • Oxalis,
  • Clover,
  • Creeping Charlie
  • ground ivy,
  • Plantain.

11. Ortho Max Nutsedge Killer RTU

Ortho Max Nutsedge Killer Rtu

The next product in this review and buying guide is the Ortho Max Nutsedge Killer RTU. If you want to utilize a selective systemic weed killer that is effective in fighting both pre-emergent and post-emergent weeds then you will never go wrong by choosing the Ortho Max Nutsedge Killer RTU.

There are so many things to love about this product – one of which is its ability to handle a wide range of weeds, including tough and difficult ones.

In fact, you will find it useful in handling at least 50 weeds, such as wild onion, yellow and purple nutsedge, dandelion, pigweed, redroot, spurge, and annual, perennial, and biennial broadleaf weeds.

You are also given the chance to administer it on a wide range of Southern and Northern grasses. It is a hassle-free solution as its ready to use formula makes it unnecessary to mix anything.

It is also safe for lawns because its job only focuses on killing and controlling weeds. Anything that should not be your target will not be put to harm.

It is also safe to use even during the rainy season as it is capable of getting rainproof within just two hours. It can also efficiently handle nutsedge, which many refer to as a grass that is quite tough and difficult to control because of the possibility of regrowth. This will not be the case if you use this solution from Ortho.

What are the Special Things About this Product?

  • Fights almost all kinds of weeds – In fact, it is a big help in controlling both pre-emergent and post-emergent weeds. It is also known for dealing with at least 50 of the most common weeds today.
  • Hassle-free formula – It is ready for use (no need to prepare anything for mixing).
  • Effective nutsedge control – You no longer have to worry about the tough to handle a nutsedge invading your lawn. This product can kill it within just a couple of days. One sign that it works is when the nutsedge turns brown. If that happens then it has a zero to low risk of re-growing.
  • Rainproof – It is possible for this quality to come out within two hours of administration.

Grasses the Product Kills:

  • Pigweed,
  • Broadleaf plantain,
  • Spurge,
  • Dandelion,
  • Redroot,
  • Yellow and purple nutsedge,
  • Garlic,
  • Wild onion.

12. PBI/Gordon 652400 Speed Zone Lawn Weed Killer

PBI/Gordon 652400 Speed Zone Lawn Weed Killer

This is the ultimate solution for you if what you are hoping to find is a weed killer that can give you quick results with the least amount of disturbance on the grasses in your lawn.

While this selective contact weed killer, which is effective on post-emergent weeds only comes in a small package, its concentrated nature makes it truly an amazing investment.

It is perfect for you if you prefer spraying tracts of land. It also tends to deliver optimal performance when you decide to administer it during cool weather. This weed killer is created in a way that it can destroy various kinds of weeds, like creeping Charlie, clover, and dandelion.

You can also apply it in an 18,000 sq. ft. area, which is already a pretty decent coverage for its small pack.

It is possible for you to notice the positive effects of this famous herbicide within just hours after its administration. After around one or two days, you will notice the weeds dying.

Applying it consistently is also the key to getting rid of those plants that you detest. What is even better about this weed killer is that it eliminates weeds while ensuring that the favorable lawn grasses stay intact.

In fact, it helps in giving it a more attractive look. Furthermore, it is safe and natural, giving you the chance to plant and cultivate crops within just a few days of spraying the product. You can do that without worrying about any negative and adverse effects.

What are the Special Things About this Product?

  • Great coverage – You will be totally pleased to know that you can use it in an 18,000 square feet area.
  • Quick results – You can see the results you want quickly, basically within just several hours. It is mainly because of its concentrated nature.
  • Beautifies your lawn – Aside from being really effective in fighting weeds, you will also find this product useful in beautifying your lawn. It can even make it fresher and lusher plus you can cultivate crops on it within just days after spraying the product. It is possible without any negative and adverse effects.

Grasses the Product Kills:

  • Clover,
  • Creeping Charlie,
  • Dandelions.

13. Roundup For Lawns RTS (Northern)

Roundup For Lawns RTS (Northern)

Lastly, there is the Roundup For Lawns RTS (Northern), which is more of a selective contact herbicide designed to treat your lawn from all possible pre-emergent weeds.

It comes in a 32-oz. container, which is effective in handling a 5,000 sq. ft. area. One of the amazing things about this product is that it is available in a ready to use spray. It makes the product less troublesome to use. You can readily spray it on the area you would like to treat.

It can also deal with more than 250 weeds while ensuring that the turf beneath it is not put at risk. In fact, once the weeds are dealt with, your lawn will come out totally fresh and manicured.

Another great thing about this product is that it starts to work immediately, killing the weeds by going deep down to their roots. With that, they have a lower chance of returning and damaging your lawn.

It would be ideal to use it during the active growth of the weeds, particularly during their early growth phases. With its fast-acting formula, the product can be anticipated to work quickly and deeply. It specifically targets Northern grasses, as well as other tough and challenging weeds, without causing any form of harm to your lawn. It is also easy to use. The only thing that you need is a tank sprayer from the same brand.

What are the Special Things About this Product?

  • Decent coverage – The 32-oz. container of this weed controller works in killing weeds in a 5,000 sq. ft. area.
  • Easy to use – You will not have a difficult time using it. Just seek the help of a tank sprayer. It is unnecessary to do some mixing because it already comes pre-mixed.
  • Fast-acting formula – This makes this product special because it means that it will work fast and deep down on the weeds’ roots.

Grasses the Product Kills:

  • Yellow nutsedge,
  • Crabgrass,
  • Clover,
  • Dandelion,
  • Northern grasses.

Basic Knowledge You Need to Know About Lawn Weed Killer

The first thing that you need to learn about weed killers is that there are basically two main types depending on the emergence of weeds. These are:

  1. Pre-emergent – This type of weed killer prevents weeds from germinating from seeds so as to keep the weeds from sprouting. If some of the weeds do manage to sprout, they will not take root.
  2. Post-emergent – This kind of grass killer is best to control weeds that already broke through the ground. You do not have to spend the entire afternoon on your knees pulling out weeds. You just need to spend a couple of minutes spraying the annoying plants with weed killer for lawns and they would die on their own. The dead plants will also serve as a natural fertilizer for your grasses and your plants.

In addition to these two main types, weed killers are also grouped according to how they work, mainly:

1. Contact weed killers – This grass and weed killer will kill any and all plants that it touches. They are the most popular nowadays because you can see positive results within a span of just a couple of hours. The weeds will start to wilt and dry immediately.

Although these herbicides do act fast, they only affect the parts of the weeds that are above ground. They cannot remove the actual root system of the grass weed, which means it can and will sprout again. Contact weed killers are best for annual weeds (like bindweed, crabgrass, mallow, and nettle) as they spread via their seeds.

2. Systemic weed killers – Unlike contact weed killers, these herbicides are absorbed by the weeds’ foliage and then it would spread throughout the plant and through the root system. Systemic weed killers stop the growth of the weeds by inhibiting its ability to synthesize food from sunlight and get nutrients from the ground via their roots. This herbicide is best for common perennial weeds, like thistle, poison ivy, dandelion, and ragweed.

Other terms that you will see when you shop around for the perfect weed killer are selective and non-selective. Selective contact just means that it will not kill all kinds of vegetation that it touches. It might just kill the weeds and leave your established lawn and other plants alone (there is no guarantee that it will not kill some of your plants, so you better test a bit of it first).

On the other hand, non-selective weed killers can kill all kinds of vegetation, so you need to be careful when using them. The upside to using non-selective herbicide, though, is that they are more potent making them better when you want to control weed and grass growth.

3 Important Factors to Consider when Buying Weed Killer for Lawns

Choose Best Weed Killer for Lawns

When you walk through your local lawn care center or home improvement store, you will find that they have a dizzying array of herbicides lining their shelves. There are so many different brands, types, and sizes of containers that can be overwhelming at times.

How do you know which of this myriad of products is the best for eliminating the weeds that are in your garden and grassy lawn?

To make things a bit more difficult, weed killers are not cheap. To ensure that you make the most economical and efficient choice of herbicide, you need to get up close and personal with the weeds that you actually wanted to get rid of by answering these simple questions.

1. What kinds of weeds do you have?

The most important thing that you need to know is what kinds of weeds are growing in your lawn and garden so that you can find the best weed killer for them. You need to examine the plants that are growing in your garden and find out what species they are.

Do you have a problem with annuals? These are the weeds that just live for one season, like foxtail and crabgrass. Or are perennial weeds invading your garden?

These plants are those that live all year round. These are the ones that are harder and harder to control as they regrow from the same root system. Perennial weeds include dandelions and nutsedge.

The great thing is that there are many free online sources that you can consult if you do not have any idea what these plants look like. For instance, the website of the University of Arizona has an extensive database of pictures of common weeds.

You can also just do a quick search on Google by typing in a short description of the plant in question.

If by some chance, you cannot find the information you need online, you can take samples of the plants to your local garden center and ask them to identify the plants for you. While you’re there, ask which weed killers are best for dealing with these pesky plants.

2. What is its intended purpose?

Are you just preventing weed growth? Or do you want to kill weeds that have already overgrown in your garden?

If you are looking for a weed prevention solution, then an application of pre-emergent herbicides during the spring will generally prevent them from sprouting up in your garden when their growing season comes.

The pre-emergent contact weed killer is quite an efficient crabgrass killer. You can also use it on other tough annual weeds.

If you observe that there are weeds that somehow grow at the same spot in your garden every year, their root system must still be in the ground in that area, and that is where you need to apply a liberal amount of pre-emergent weed killer.

On the other hand, if you want to control weeds that have already sprouted and are starting to spread through your garden, you need to use a post-emergent contact herbicide on them. When sprayed onto the invasive plants, post-emergent herbicides will seep into the plant and kill it quickly.

However, you need to be careful when buying post-emergent herbicides as they are usually non-selective, which means they will kill all kinds of plant life they come in contact with.

You will need to use a precision sprayer or a foam applicator so you can target only the plants that you want to get rid of. It is not advisable to use a wide spray as you might inadvertently apply herbicide onto your prized plants as well.

Post-emergent herbicides, though, are effective for places where you absolutely do not want anything to grow, like on your driveway, walkways, patios, around your fence posts, and other places.

3. How much herbicide do you need?

To figure out how much of the stuff you need to buy, you need to take the size of the affected area into consideration. If you are only thinking of doing a couple of spot treatments, like when you are just doing a bit of maintenance work on your otherwise pristine lawn, you can get a bottle or two of the “ready-to-use” weed killer.

These products are convenient because you just need to pop the lid off and pour the contents into your applicator of choice. There is no need for dilution.

On the other hand, if you will be treating a wide area, it is more economical to purchase the concentrated stuff. You need to be careful when handling herbicide concentrate though as they are very potent and fast-acting.

Also, you need to be precise with your measurements because if you dilute them too much, they will lose a lot of their effectiveness.

Once you have answered all of the questions above, you will know what kind of herbicide you will need, as well as an accurate estimate of how much of it you should get. You are now ready to face those pesky weeds that dared to invade your lawn and garden.

Homemade Weed Killer for Lawn Recipes

As mentioned earlier, some herbicides do not only kill the weeds in your garden, they also harm the plants growing beside the weeds.

In addition, they contain harmful chemicals in their formula that can harm the surrounding environment if they are not stored or disposed of correctly. Fortunately, you can actually make your own weed preventer concoctions using stuff you already have around your home.

Corn Gluten Meal

Before you apply the corn gluten meal, you need to pull out all of the weeds beforehand because this method will not have any effect on already grown weeds.

Once you have pulled out all the weeds in your garden, sprinkle a liberal amount of cornmeal over the areas affected by weed growth. This will suppress the development of the small feeder roots of weeds, thus preventing them from spreading further.

You can use corn gluten meal for almost all kinds of invasive plants like crabgrass, knotweed, dandelions, and others.

In addition, you can use corn gluten meal all over your garden because it does not affect the growth and health of already established plants, which means you can safely use it on your vegetable patches and your flowers.

Liquid Dish Soap

Combine 1 part liquid dishwashing detergent to 10 parts water in a clean plastic spray bottle. Give the troublesome weeds a couple of spritzes.

This technique works best during noon, especially on the hottest part of the day because dishwashing liquid tends to get sticky when it starts to dry up.  Moreover, it dehydrates the parts that it comes in contact with, which immediately kills the weed.

Salt and Vinegar

Combine 1-1/4 cup of salt with a gallon of white vinegar, and pour some of it into a plastic spray bottle. Adjust the spray nozzle to a tight stream.

Point the nozzle of the spray bottle on the heads of the dandelions then press the trigger. This will be enough to kill the plant. Be careful not to get any of this solution on the grass and the ground as this will kill the grass and render the ground acidic for years.


This method is quite simple. Just pour ordinary vinegar, any kind will do, into a plastic spray bottle, and spray it directly on the leaves of the weeds. The acid in the vinegar will dry out the leaves of the weed, which will cause the plant to wither up and die.

Some gardening experts still debate to this day if vinegar can actually kill the roots of the weeds as well, so just to be sure, just pull out the weeds once the vinegar wilts their leaves. It is a bad idea to directly spray vinegar into the ground as it can quickly change the pH level of the soil.

Of course, these homemade weed killers are not as efficient as the commercially-available stuff, but then again, if your weed problem is not that serious, you need not spend a lot of money on weed killers.

Weed Control for Lawns: Using Herbicides Safely

Herbicides may be designed specifically to attack weeds and other invasive plant matter, but that does not mean that they cannot do you harm. You need to be careful when handling all kinds of poison, herbicides included. So, before you use herbicides to get rid of the unwanted plant visitors in your lawn and garden, here are some tips on how to use them safely.

  1. Always read the label – You need to read the label of the herbicide completely before you even open the container. There are times when the included safety information and instructions are so long that there is a brochure that comes with the product. No matter how long it might be, you need to read and understand everything (maybe excluding the ingredient list). You might miss critical information if you skip reading the label.
  2. Use the necessary personal protection equipment Before you start, you need to make sure that you have all of the personal protection equipment mentioned in the label of the herbicide. For instance, you will need breathing protection when preparing the chemicals. Also, you might need to wear protective goggles to keep you safe from the fumes. You will find the complete list of PPE you will need to safely handle the herbicide on the label of the container.
  3. Do not use the measuring cups and other kitchen implements for preparing the herbicide Any household item that you use for the preparation of herbicides should never be used again for preparing food. Either you throw them out or relegate them strictly for herbicide use only.
  4. When diluting concentrates, do not add more than the recommended amount – Some herbicides have concentrated active ingredients and need to be diluted with another liquid, which is usually gallons of water before you can use them. However, you should not add more than the maximum amount of pesticide allowed on the label. Using more concentrated herbicide will not be better, and in some cases, it is illegal to do so as it can harm the environment. On the other hand, do not dilute it too much just because you want to save money. The gallons of water will dilute the effectiveness of the herbicide.
  5. Mix/Purchase the right amount of herbicide that you will be using – Do not prepare more herbicide than what you actually need. You need to estimate the amount of herbicide to use judging by the area affected by the weeds. If there is excess herbicide left in your pressure sprayer after you are done with the coverage area, do not just dump it down the drain. Put it in a canister and dispose of it properly. If you need to clean the sprayer, use a mixture of ammonia and water. The ammonia will neutralize the chemicals left in the sprayer.
  6. Remember that even “organic” herbicides are unsafe Even if an herbicide has the “organic” label, that does not mean you are allowed to be lax when using it. Organic herbicides are still poisons, which is why you should be very careful when handling them. Again, you should carefully read the label on the container for detailed instructions for use.

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Now, you know what kinds of herbicides are the best for your particular needs. You can start regaining control of your lawn and garden.

With the help of weed and grass killer, you need not spend countless hours on the ground pulling out weeds.

With herbicides, you will only need an hour or so and you can be sure that the weeds will not be coming back any time soon.