How to Get Rid of Virginia Creeper Organically

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Are you looking for natural ways of killing Virginia creeper? There are many methods of getting rid of this weed. You can kill it naturally or using chemicals. 

However, sometimes you may not want to use chemicals and so you wish to opt for a natural way. We are going to help you get some insight on how to get rid of Virginia creeper organically.

Virginia creepers are recurrent woody vines that grow along fences, trees, and grounds. They are very common in most types of soil, and that’s why you might be seeing them in your yard. 

These vines are also referred to as American Ivy, false grapes, or woodbine. While they are great at controlling soil erosion, they can be a hindrance to the growth of desirable plants nearby.

It’s easy to identify these vines because they have five leaves. While poison ivy has some similar features to Virginia creeper, don’t confuse the two. 

Poison ivy only has three leaves, and both of them tend to grow together. During the fall, their foliage turns red and makes the yard beautiful. 

However, they can be invasive if you don’t prune them regularly. Here is how you can kill them naturally.

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  • Using non-toxic materials

There are many readily available natural materials at home that you can use to kill Virginia creeper. We will analyze each of these materials:


You can kill this vine by covering the affected areas with mulch. We all know that plants need air, water, and sunlight to grow. Mulch will deprive the Virginia creeper of these elements. This process may take several weeks for you to see results.


– Look for biodegradable materials such as bark, old newspapers, grass cuttings dead leaves. These are ideal materials to use mulch because they always decompose in the soil.

– Plastic sheeting also deprives sunlight and air to these vines though it is not biodegradable. You can use them as an alternative if they are available.

– Cover the Virginia creeper thoroughly with mulch so that they don’t get any air or light. Wait a few weeks and check if the vines have died. 

– If they are dead, the mulch will decompose in the garden and make excellent manure. If you were using plastic, remove it once the plants die.

  • Vinegar

How to Get Rid of Virginia Creeper Organically


Vinegar is a significant natural element that is acidic and can kill Virginia creeper. You can use white vinegar to do this job.


– Pour 20% of white vinegar and 80% of the water in a garden sprayer.

– Spray the creeper with this mixture.

– Wait three days and remove any dead vines.

– If there are still living vines, repeat the spraying process until you get rid of all of them.

– Vinegar is acidic and can kill other plants. Be cautious during the spraying process to avoid the desirable plants.

  • Boiling water

Boiling water can permanently eliminate these vines from your garden. Here’s how.


– Cut the Virginia creeper at ground level

– Pour hot boiling water around its base

– You may need to apply hot water on the Virginia creeper several times before killing their root system completely.

  • Use rock salt

How to Get Rid of Virginia Creeper Organically


Did you know that rock salt could kill Virginia creeper? This method is ideal only if there are no desirable plants located near the vines. 

You should also use this method only when you are not planning to grow something in that garden soon. This is due to the fact that flushing the rock salt out of the soil will take a long time.


– In a gallon of hot water, add one cup of rock salt. Allow the salt to dissolve.

– Pour the mixture around the base of the Virginia creeper.

– Wait a few days and then remove dead vines. Repeat the process if you note any vine that is still alive until you kill all of them.

  • Getting rid of Virginia creeper manually

There are several ways of getting rid of the Virginia creeper manually. Keep reading below.

  • Digging the base by hand

You can remove these vines using your hands. However, this method is applicable only if the creepers are still reasonably small so that you can track the roots. The soil should also be moist. 

Therefore, springtime is the best time to do this. You can use your hands to pull out the roots. To completely remove the roots system, use a trowel or a shovel. 

Remember to wear protective gear like thick gloves and a long-sleeved shirt. Add long trousers and gum-based boots to protect your legs and feet.

Dig out Virginia creeper’s seedlings often every month to completely kill them.

  • Mowing

You can kill this vine through mowing. As a ground cover vine, a lawn-mower is an effective tool. Make sure that the lawn-mower is powered by gas so that it can cut through the vines. 

Avoid using rotary and electric mowers since they are likely to run over the vines and fail to cut them. Do this 3-4 times every year, and you will be able to kill them.

  • Pruning

Aside from digging and using a shovel, you can use a pruner to eliminate Virginia creeper.

Before you begin, wear protective clothing like a long-sleeved shirt, gloves and safety eyeglasses

Use a pruner to cut the main trunk of this vine as you ensure that the cut is near the ground. Pull away the vines from shrubs and trees. Make sure that you do not damage the bushes or trees as you pull it apart.

Be observant of any new growth and immediately cut them with a pruner to prevent regrowth. Keep doing this until you don’t see any new growth.

Virginia creepers shouldn’t be a headache in your yard anymore. It would be best if you eliminated them immediately when they start growing.

All you need is to follow all the steps we have given above and you will have the quality garden you always want. 

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