Natural Crabgrass Killer: The Definitive Guide 2024

Are you looking for natural solutions to get rid of annoying crabgrass in your lovely lawn? A natural crabgrass killer solution like applying natural grass and weed killer product, using torch or mulching, to name some, is a valuable way of controlling and killing crabgrass and other unwanted grasses in our lawn and garden.

In the following, we’re going to go through each of these natural solutions so that you can start getting rid of crabgrass, which is one of the most invasive, stubborn and aggressive types of pests in the garden.

Through any of these methods, you will be able to prevent, control and kill crabgrass effectively without harming the surrounding soil, plants, pets and humans in the process.

If you would like to get started, you can start reading in the following for an idea of what these techniques are and what suitable products can be used. If you’re ready, let’s begin.

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Comparison Table

Product Image Features
1. Doctor Kirchner Natural Weed Killer
  • Natural ingredients
  • Fast-acting
  • No mixing needed
2. Natural Armor Weed and Grass Killer
  • Quick acting
  • Toxin-free
  • Easy to apply
3. Weed Slayer Organic Herbicide
  • WSDA certified
  • Easy to apply
  • No glyphosate

Natural Crabgrass Killer Product

1. Doctor Kirchner Natural Weed Killer

Doctor Kirchner Natural Weed Killer

Taking care of your lawn and investing your money, time and effort in making it look great, you will find it really frustrating to see annoying weed growing and thriving in this place you want to discover them the least.

If you want to get rid of crabgrass but then do not want to settle for chemical solutions, choose the best weed killer.

One of those I would like to suggest is the Doctor Kirchner natural weed removal solution. A unique feature it has is it’s made with ocean water plus vinegar.

For the longest time, vinegar, for instance, has long been known to solve pest problems because it can effectively get rid of weeds including the annoying crabgrass.

In addition to its great help to eliminate weed, it is also not harmful to health because it is without any chemicals that would otherwise cause health issues. So if you don’t want to compromise your family’s wellbeing, you might want to check this out.

As it is also available in a 2.5-gallon size, you can be certain that you don’t need to buy it from time to time. And besides, it is concentrated, so it is long-lasting and economical.

I also liked we do not have to mix it with any other liquids because it is ready for spraying. You will just have to fill a sprayer with it, and you can start spraying crabgrass in your lawn.

Another thing I liked is that it can give quick overnight results. We don’t have to spend so much time to wait because it can work fast to eliminate those annoying weeds.

However, it does not come with a sprayer, so you have to buy it separately before using this product.
  • Natural ingredients
  • Fast-acting quick results
  • Safe for kids, pets and all other animals
  • Won’t stain hardscapes
  • No mixing needed
  • Needs to buy a separate sprayer
But overall, I find is so effective in serving its purpose. It is not just economical and natural but also quick acting to deliver the results we need. It is a top-performing weed killer that we must have in our garden. You might want to check it out yourself.

2. Natural Armor Weed and Grass Killer

Natural Armor Weed & Grass Killer

When shopping around for a grass and weed killer, you should not miss but check out this Natural Armor, which is an all-natural and no-chemical formula. It is high performing and top-rated for the superb results that it can bring.

One of the things that make it a great solution is being economical and practical to use. If you don’t have a large area for treatment, you can be certain of using it for a long time. It is a concentrated product that contains no glyphosate.

With it, you can kill crabgrass naturally and without posing any harm to the health of dogs, cats and birds, among other pets, as well as humans.

It contains no poison and chemicals that would otherwise harm human’s health, too. You can kill crabgrass without compromising anyone’s well-being.

I would also like to recommend the natural grass killer to those looking to kill other weeds and grasses. This solution can kill more than 250 types of annoying weeds in their tracks, preventing them from invading your lawn and ruining its beauty.

This product is also rated biodegradable, meaning none of its ingredients will keep longer in the environment. It is an eco-friendly solution to kill the annoying pest in our garden. Using it, you will feel like you have used a torch to burn weeds.

This product is as effective but not as pricey as other brands are. So aside from being versatile to kill a whole lot more of weeds, you can also rely on it for money saving.

In addition, this product is ready to use, so you don’t really have to mix anything or be an expert in weed removal application. Using it, you don’t need to worry about any mess or spills from diluting or mixing.

However, you might have to reapply it from time to time to make it more effective in removing unwanted grasses and weeds in your garden and lawn.
  • Natural and no chemicals
  • Toxin-free and eco-friendly
  • Easy to apply and use
  • Quick acting
  • Can be used anywhere there is weeds
  • Might have to reapply from time to time
But in general, the Natural Armor Weed and Grass Killer are one of the best around for its effectiveness and ease of application. Check it out yourself to discover.

3. Weed Slayer Organic Crabgrass Killer

Weed Slayer Organic Herbicide

The Agro Research International a pet safe weed killer

The avenger organic weed killer is one of the top-performing weed killers with the ability to control and kill weeds without any dangerous chemicals. It doesn’t also contain any glyphosate, so it is safe for plants, pets, and humans. You can have peace of mind it can kill annoying grasses and weeds but without causing any further problems including in the lawn.

When shopping around for a weed killer, you should also find one that is certified organic by the authorities like WSDA. This weed killer passes that standard, so it is safe.

Another thing that makes it effective is that it can travel through the plant to kill the weeds right at their roots.

So with that said, you can worry less that those annoying creatures will come back. They will be dead on the spot, so there is no more guessing if you had really killed them after application.

Its main active ingredient is Eugenol, which is Clove’s essential oil. Using the herbicide, you can control and kill the weeds without any harsh chemicals. It also has a biological amendment that works by transporting the herbicide so that it would reach the roots.

These components and more make the herbicide effective against annoying weeds that would otherwise suck the beauty out of your garden due to crabgrass, which is one of the most stubborn and hard to control grasses around.

However, this product might not be as effective for most types of weeds.
  • WSDA certified natural
  • Can kill weeds at the roots
  • Easy to apply
  • Economical
  • No glyphosate
  • Might not be as effective on other weed types
But then, I liked this product because it is practical and economical to last longer. It is also fast and long lasting to target annoying grasses. It can work effectively in traveling through and killing the weeds at the roots.

Tips to Choose a Natural Crabgrass Killer Product

Just like choosing the best weeding tool

It is for the reason that there are plenty of weed killers out there. You might end up with the wrong choice if you would not make a good decision in choosing one. Here are some tips to use that you might want to consider.

Go ahead and check the label

It is the only way that you could find out what ingredients are going with the manufacture of such herbicide. When trying to choose one, you must avoid those which ingredients you cannot comprehend.

They might be harmful not only to the health of your lawn but also to your loved ones.

The problem is with some makers not disclosing their ingredients. In this case, it might be hard to figure out.

Get an idea about which ingredients are harmful

Chloroform, carbon, tetrachloride, and chloroethane are dangerous and carcinogens. In many sources we have also found, we should also avoid variants with glyphosates.

In addition, you should avoid a product with ingredients, such as 2, 4-D’ because it is toxic and can be really poisonous.

For this reason, it is without to say that you need to practice diligence in doing research. It is an important step not to skip this part.

Look for WSDA certified products

The same with EPA, pet-safe and vet-approved herbicides, you should also find products certified safe and natural by the WSDA. With it, you can be certain it is organic and plant-based not to harm the environment, pets, and humans.

You might want to refer to our list for the most natural weed killers on the market. They contain no chemicals to poison and harm other living things.

Go for natural, not synthetic crabgrass killers

While you might be thinking to go for the strongest weed killer with chemical and possibly toxic ingredients, you should also be considering the dreadful effects like affecting water systems and the health and well-being of pets and humans.

It is still better to go for the natural route in controlling and killing weeds, and even expert lawn pros would tell.

Considering the welfare of birds, fish, dogs, and cats, among other animals, are also important when finding a crabgrass killer. It is not enough to kill them but harm the environment and other living things.

So when finding ways to eliminate crabgrass and other weeds, we still have to think about how to do it without endangering the lives of pets, humans and other plants.

There you have ways on how to choose the best weed killer for crabgrass that you need to know if you would like to ensure that you’re going for the natural and safe solution that can effectively do the job for you.

How to Kill Crabgrass with Heat

Killing crabgrass with heat is one of the most effective natural means of controlling and eliminating this grass that would otherwise deprive your garden plants and flowers of nutrients.

These grasses can also compete with the plants and grass you have in your lawn.

We do recognize that it might not be easy to eradicate all crabgrass that has been thriving in the lawn for quite a while especially if they’ve not given attention to lately.

In the following, let us talk about an effective method of eradicating crabgrass with heat. Also in the following, you can find a review of a torch kit that you’d also like to consider killing crabgrass effectively.

Red Dragon BP 2512

Red Dragon Weed Dragon Backpack Propane Vapor Torch Kit

The flame weeder torch is one of the most chosen in its kind. You will find it one of the highest-rated in the category for its efficiency, effectiveness, and safety. It is a complete kit that includes all we need in terms of using it from out of the box.

This Weed Dragon and VT21/2-30C is a backpack model, which is easy to use and apply. You can flame weeds right on the spot without any hassles. This backpack style torch kit speeds up the process of the entire weed flaming.

Another thing that makes it valuable is that it can flame and torch crabgrass and other annoying weed and brush instantly. You can also use it in thawing even frozen pipes. It is also versatile for other applications that include melting ice and snow.

Speaking of functionality, I would also like to note that it could be used in removing oil, grease, plastic, and paint from metal. And all these are also thanks to the high BTU rating of this product that makes it powerful in releasing a high level of heat to do all these things.

It is also ideal for use not just in gardens but also in municipalities, farms and forest services, to name some. With all these, we can say that it is a great deal for the money for it allows use for different applications.

On the downside, this torch kit is expensive.
  • Large 10-lb propane tank
  • Can thaw even frozen pipes
  • Comes with a vapor torch kit
  • Easy weed flaming
  • Easy to use and versatile
  • Expensive
Still, it is one of the most natural ways of controlling and killing crabgrass effectively. It will not let you down because it is also easy to use. This kit can also be used for other applications not limited to weed killing but also thawing frozen pipes, removing oil and melting ice and snow.

How to Burn Crabgrass with a Weed Burner

Another great way to prevent, control and kill crabgrass in your lawn or garden is to use a weed burner or a propane torch. This technology has existed for decades and still one of the easiest and natural methods of removing annoying grasses in your lawn or garden.

Using a propane torch like the above we have reviewed is an efficient method to kill weeds. However, you need to remember certain things to do it correctly.

Learning how to do it, you can remove weeds from gravel driveways or paver patios and without any harmful chemicals.


  1. You might have to get in touch with the fire department to get a permit if it is needed in your area before performing the torching.
  2. Before starting, water the soil to assist in the conduction of heat. Do it around the weeds.
  3. Do not torch the crabgrass on combustible or dry materials. This method is not ideal during the drought season.
  4. Do not burn poisonous plants including poison ivy that can emit toxic smoke and cause allergies.
  5. Make sure that the area is free from loose and dry materials and debris that might catch fire.
  6. Light your torch and pass the flame along with the weeds slowly. You must be able to burn to the leaves and roots of the weeds that will eventually lead to the moisture evaporating and drying out the weeds. Later, they will eventually dehydrate and die.
  7. When done, sweep any remnants. Be sure to remove the torch from the cylinder before storing the fuel in an upright position to prevent any leaks.

Follow the general safety guidelines and you will be fine. Always read and pay attention to the steps as highlighted by the manufacturer. Do not skip a safety precaution or step in the process.

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How to Pull Up Crabgrass by Hand or Tools

In addition to the best weed killer for lawns, you can also consider removing crabgrass either by tools or by hand. This method can be told as one of the most time consuming, if not the most, of all techniques we have discussed today.

We can also say that manual weed removal is also the oldest methods to control and kill weeds. But yes, it can also be the healthiest for you too, because it can help you exert energy and exercise.

For help on how to do it, we have included a review and a proven method to get rid of weed naturally by hand or tools.

Garden Weasel Step and Twist Hand Weeder

Garden Weasel Step and Twist Hand Weeder

One of the most effective products in removing crabgrass is the Garden Weasel hand weeder. If you’re shopping around for an affordable and easy to use the product in controlling the weeds in your garden, you might want to take a look at the hand weeder.

Using it is a chemical-free way of getting rid of weeds. It is what you need to remove and control the grasses and weeds that ruin the beauty of your lawn and garden.

If you’re looking for a chemical-free method weeding, you should not miss the weed popper, which is easy to use, too. You don’t need to learn any tutorial or a safety precaution at all. It involves no chemicals. Using it only involves stepping and twisting on it before pulling it up to remove the entire crabgrass.

It is also long enough to accommodate all user heights. There is no need to bend or crouch in getting rid of weed using this weed remover.

I would also like to note that it is easy to use to get rid of weeds. We don’t need to do any backbreaking with it. You don’t also need to buy harmful chemicals. Using this method, you can save money in the end. It is efficient and effective.

However, its handle might suffer from wear and tear over time, though.
  • Chemical-free method
  • Affordable
  • Easy to use
  • No bending and crouching again
  • No nasty odor and smoke
  • The handle might suffer from wear and tear over time
But still, it is one of the most effective and always ready tools to get rid of annoying grasses and weeds in your garden. You might want to check it out for yourself if you don’t mind doing the manual labor in removing the weed in your garden. Plus, it is so versatile that it can be used on many weeds like dandelions and in planting flowers, too.

How to Use a Weeder for Crabgrass Removal

If you’re looking to use a weeder or a weed popper to remove weeds and annoying dandelions and crabgrass, you should consider the useful tool that helps you eliminate these creatures in your lawn and garden.

It is not hard to use it at all. In fact, all you need is to follow quick and easy steps that include the following.

  1. Locate the areas where the crabgrass thrives and grows. It has to be removed to ensure lawn care. Otherwise, crabgrass and other weeds will just dominate and compete for nutrients with the plants and grasses that you grow in the garden or lawn.
  2. Find the crabgrass, and then step on or push tines into the weed’s root system using your foot before twisting the handle and extracting the weed and the roots. It will kill the entire grass because it will target to the root system. With it, you don’t need to worry about using any other tools or breaking your back.
  3. You can then thumb release in order to pop the crabgrass from the tines.

This natural method is effective because it can destroy the entire weed system from the leaves to the roots. Using it, you’ll be certain that you can eliminate crabgrass totally without the use of harsh chemicals.

Another good thing to know is that we don’t have to worry about any inconvenience because the weeder is simple to operate.

We can just simply push its thumb release in order to pop its plug from the tines. The crabgrass control tool is also versatile in eliminating cleanup and for composting.

So if you don’t want to use chemical methods in clearing crabgrass and other unwanted weeds in your lawn, you might want to check out the weed popper that works effectively as a weed remover.

How to Get Rid of Crabgrass Naturally with Landscape Fabric

Of all the ways on how to control crabgrass effectively and naturally, using the landscape cover might not be the first choice for the many of us. It involves covering the ground to prevent the weeds from growing and spreading in the garden or lawn.

Just as other methods previously discussed, using this ground fabric is natural and easy. In fact, it can be less time-consuming than using manual methods and tools like a weeder remover.

You can simply cover the landscape with it, and you’re done. Check out the following for how to use it for controlling crabgrass without chemicals.

DeWitt SBLT4300 Sunbelt Ground Cover Weed Barrier

DeWitt SBLT4300 Sunbelt Ground Cover Weed Barrier

The DeWitt weed-blocking cover is another great way to eliminate the annoying grasses and weeds in your lawn or garden. You will need it if you would like to cover a larger area and control the growth of crabgrass at once.

One of the things I liked about the weed barrier is its large size. This item is four feet in width and 300 feet in length. That is a massive size that you can rely on if you would like to control weed in a larger area.

The product is top-rated in its category. It is also a great weed barrier that you can easily set up and install in your lawn to stop crabgrass and unwanted weed from growing and spreading.

It is also tested to last up to five years even if exposed directly to sunlight. In addition, I liked its versatility for applications like outdoor and greenhouse use.

I would also like to note that the ground cover could effectively let water and air to penetrate it for quick irrigation. It is also guaranteed to last longer for its UV treated material, making it resilient against direct sun exposure.

However, its material can be prone to breaking, though.
  • UV stabilized for added durability
  • Ideal for outdoor and greenhouse use
  • Lets water and air permeate for easy irrigation
  • Can last up to five years under sun exposure
  • Eco-friendly, no chemical weed control
  • Material can be prone to breakage
But in general, there are so many things to love about the item. It can last for up to five years and is made of UV stabilized material for enhanced durability. It is also ideal for greenhouse and outdoor use and is an effective weed control. Check it out yourself and see if it is the right method for you.

How to Install/Use Weed Landscape Fabric

The best landscape fabric is an additional help that can help us control and get rid of weeds and grasses in our lawn or garden. It is a special tool also called a weed barrier that we can use for patios, beds and walkways.

This product is notable for its mesh-like material coming in rolls. It is a breeze to set up or cut when needed. However, the only way it will work for the best result is to install it properly. For help, you might want to refer to the following steps.

  1. Clear the area first. You should get rid of any weed in the area before using this cover. One useful tool to help is the weed popper or remover that we have featured earlier. We can use it to remove the weed from the leaves to the roots before covering the area.
  2. Get rid of any debris, including rocks and sticks in the area. Otherwise, they can hole the cover, allowing new weeds to grow.
  3. Remember, this cover should lay flat so that it works correctly. For this, you might want to use a rake in order to loosen the ground soil, and then smooth it out.
  4. You can add soil to fill any deep ruts if you find them.
  5. Start laying the fabric. Cover the ground correctly, so the barrier will work effectively and stop the new weed from growing.
  6. Be sure that the fabric’s edges are slightly extending beyond the coverage area. Once done laying and securing the fabric, you can start cutting the excess off.
  7. Remember to overlap this barrier in places where the pieces will meet by a minimum of six inches. It is important to overlap the fabric to keep the weeds from growing.
  8. If laying the cover in areas like along a pathway, you must be able to cut a few slits along the cover’s edges in order to help the cover bend and match with the curve/shape of the area. And in order to get contact with the soil, you should be able to smooth the fabric.
  9. Secure it in place. In most cases, gardeners use mulch, pavers or gravel to cover the laid cloth. But then, remember that any material you put on top of it will shift as time goes by, allowing new weed to grow through it.

In order to secure the cover, you can also use landscape pins in order to keep the fabric in place before you cover the area. Now if you would install any landscape edging, pins should be holding the edging securely to hold the cover firmly in place.

Follow these steps and install the ground cover in the lawn correctly.

How to Control Crabgrass Naturally with Mulch

For the longest time, mulching is a good friend among gardeners looking to control crabgrass and other annoying weeds and grasses in their garden or lawn effectively.

Mulch is effective in keeping these weeds from getting warmth and light that they need to grow and survive. Here are some easy steps to follow to use mulch in controlling crabgrass naturally:

Put down up to three layers of mulch to the soil in order to deprive weeds form warm soil and light. You can keep the crabgrass from sprouting with mulch because they’re able to keep the seeds from germinating in the first place. Mulch can block the access of weeds to the sunlight, depriving them of energy to help them get through the mulch.

Think about the mulch to add to the soil. Small stones and pebbles can be used to mulch the soil. If you do, you don’t need to alter or break down the soil.

In some cases, straw can be used in vegetable gardens; however, it is more likely than not to have many weed seeds. On the other hand, some gardeners also use grass clippings.

There are also those that use bark mulch, which can give the lawn or garden a nice finished look while controlling the weeds. This method can also help in amending the soil because it can break down over time.

Pro Tips:

  • If you’re mulching around the garden, you must wait until the flowers have pushed through if you have a perennial bed. You can lay down up to three layers of mulch around it.
  • You should plant annual flowers first before mulching the surrounding area.
  • Adding mulch around trees, roses or shrubs, you must avoid piling the mulch against the stem and trunk bases. If using mulch like a wood product breaking down over time, you should replenish the material yearly to maintain the proper layer.
  • Replenish or renew the mulch color. Just like other garden materials, mulch can fade and break down. You can renew the color of the mulch by refreshing it. For one, you can spray it with a color renewal product. Be able to follow directions properly so that you can get the best results out of it.

Choose a product that is safe for use around pets, plants, and people. To prevent staining of surfaces, you must avoid patios, driveways and other surfaces. Without all much work, you can make your plant beds correctly mulched.

Controlling weed using mulch like wood materials or another we have previously discussed, you can certainly get rid of weed in your lawn or garden. It is also easy to use and can be done annually depending on the material used or how fast it is broken down.

Nevertheless, mulching is one of the older and more effective methods of controlling weed in your garden or lawn. Be able to choose which material to use and ways to apply it. Certainly, adding mulch is a natural way of preventing and controlling weeds and grasses from growing back.

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Homemade Natural Crabgrass Killer Remedies

Just like finding a natural crabgrass killer recipe, you can also use some home remedies used for the longest time by gardeners and lawn experts looking to get rid of crabgrass naturally. These natural remedies will help you control annoying weeds and grasses and prevent them from invading your beautiful garden.


Many of these home remedies are just right there in the kitchen. For example, vinegar has long been used to eliminate crabgrass. It can be used alone or with other natural ingredients.

Vinegar is a cheap and effective solution. However, you should remember not to dilute it if you have chosen this remedy. In addition, be sure that you apply it on a sunny day. Or else, the rain will just wash it away.

In terms of concentration, it will be best to use a five percent solution for targeting small and young weeds.

On the other hand, you must go for one with 9% concentration if using for pickling. It will also be the better choice if you’re trying to kill stubborn and mature weeds.


If you’re looking for crabgrass preventer, you can also use salt. It works effectively to target and kill crabgrass because it can stop the growth and kill the weed immediately.

However, remember that this remedy can also be useful if you don’t want to plant growing on a specific area like the driveway or the sidewalk.

You might also opt for this solution if you want around the house, patio blocks and beneath decks to be free from unwanted grass and weed.

Remember that salt can also damage surrounding soil. To use it, you should mix a part of it to two equal parts of water. On the other hand, you can apply salt in itself directly onto the weeds.

Alternatively, you can also mix one and one-fourth cup of it with a gallon of vinegar, and then spray it in places where the crabgrass grows.

Rubbing alcohol

You can also use it to kill crabgrass because it leads to the loss of moisture from its cell. To use it, just spray it on the weeds directly. Also, you can dab it on using a cotton ball.

For the best results, you might have to reapply it for deep-rooted crabgrass.


Just like vinegar, lemon is another effective home remedy to kill crabgrass. To use it, you can just use lemon juice on its own, or add it into one-half cup of lemon juice with a quart of vinegar.

Dishwashing liquid

It is another remedy to use against crabgrass that you might want to check out if you would like to control this grass from growing and spreading into the garden.

You can use it alone or with vinegar to make it more effective. To start, you can fill a spray bottle with vinegar before adding dishwashing liquid. Start spraying this solution at noon or the hottest times of the day.

Alternatively, you can mix a part of the dishwashing liquid with 10 parts of water before soaking this grass with the mix.

Other Important Factors to Consider

What is Crabgrass

You’re probably wondering if what you’re seeing in the lawn is the annoying crabgrass, which in its name you could safely say it has many legs or stems. This grass is often characterized by being low to the soil or ground.

You would also notice it’s invasive that it has a procumbent growth habit. It is one of the reasons the grass is successful in becoming a real annoyance for homeowners.

Below is a short video of what crabgrass actually is:

This grass can pop up through a small crack in the sidewalk. It grows almost anywhere, making it hard to stop. You can also see it growing along a driveway.

And most of the time, the crabgrass can elude the blade of the mower, so there are not many options that can really break into it.

Did you know that it could also keep up well with foot traffic? And even stepped on, they can hold still survive. Can you just imagine how hard to stop this grass is? It has tough seeds, too, so it can reproduce so quickly.

For this reason, lawn owners think of using the strongest weed killer to eliminate crabgrass. It can really survive even the toughest conditions that you could think of.

What does Crabgrass Look Like

Before using a weed killer, you must know how your enemy looks like. But as good in survival, the grass is also known for its ability to have different claims of assortment on its appearance for many people.

There is no question that this grass has many faces that it carries. One of its major secrets is its ability to adapt to different conditions and circumstances. You have probably seen crabgrass looking differently from one place to another.

Also, there are many who claimed that its growth habit might have changed dramatically. It can sometimes change in color, too which can vary based on how well it is fertilized and on its variety.

For example, those that have grown in places where there is enough water will be healthy and look like any grass you could imagine there is. But as they mature, they will look different from anything in your lawn.

They develop those larger, thick mats, which are obviously not a part of the lawn.

Their leaf blades are wider versus other lawn grasses have. Also, the blade is with a fold line down to its center.

Remember that these blades are growing from separate locations on the grass’ stem, not from one single middle point. These blades are not too long or too short.

Once the crabgrass has moved into the lawn, this grass tends to grow up faster than your lawn grass.

But by maintaining your lawn and killing crabgrass with a natural weed killer, you can limit the growth pattern of this grass.

However, if you will leave it unattended and uncut, it can grow upright, forming a dense clump out of which it’ll send out tall seed stalks and long leaf blades.

Types of Crabgrass

You must know that there are certain types of Digitaria or crabgrass, the hairy and the smooth one. However, you are likelier to find the hairy one than the former in your lawn.

Digitaria sanguinalis or the hairy crabgrass is what you will normally find in your lawn. If you would look at it closely, you’re going to find it has hair all over its body.

However, it doesn’t mean that the hairless type or the smooth crabgrass does not have hairs because it has some. You will find these on the auricles of the plant.

The smooth crabgrass has a bent stem and a five-inch leaf. At is maturity, its leaf can measure up to five inches long with its blades tapering to a certain point. Its stems are bending at its nodes, while its stems are turning reddish in color. This type is also called small crabgrass because it is usually smaller than the hairy variety.

Why is Crabgrass Bad

There is no doubt that the crabgrass is bad after reading all these about it. For one, it is very stubborn, which makes it hard to stop when it starts invading your lawn.

It is also aggressive and invasive. In fact, it can spend a season to spread tons of weed seeds, which are waiting for the next spring. They are just lying in wait in your lawn until they’re ready to make us crazy again.

It thrives in the un-kept and stressed out garden or lawn areas like the sun-scorched turf. When unattended, it can invade and take over your lawn.

You can also imagine how hard that it so eradicate them once they have spread because they can also spread thousands of seeds. If you wouldn’t be able to control the annoying grass, you might have a problem eliminating them. For this reason, go over our recommended ways on how to get rid of crabgrass without chemicals.

How to Get Rid of Crabgrass without Chemicals

So which weed removal without chemicals is for you? Let us help with some evaluation in the following.

Natural weed killers

They are advantageous because they won’t poison the soil, plants, pets, and humans. They also do not emit harmful chemicals in the air and can eliminate many types of weeds.

However, they can be expensive over the long run if you’re not able to select a longer-acting natural weed killer. It should be used even when the issue is still new to make them more effective than used when it’s already penetrated your lawn.

Using a weed burner/torch

Burning or torching is another solution to control and kill crabgrass. Using it, you can kill it from the leaves to the roots, so it won’t grow back. It is easy to do and doesn’t use chemicals.

However, it must be used, not in flower beds but along areas like sidewalk cracks, gravel driveways, paver patios, and rocky terrains, among other non-flammable areas. It should NEVER BE USED DURING THE DROUGHT. (Read more best weed killers for flower beds)

Using tools or hands

It is another effective method to kill crabgrass in its tracks. It is natural and does not require crouching or bending.

However, remember it can be time-consuming to eliminate crabgrass that has covered a large area. It might not be able to kill smaller grasses, too. After prolonged use, it might also cause pain in your hands.

Using landscape fabric

It can prevent new weed growth and control weed before they become a problem. But then, spaces between can allow the weeds to grow. It might not also be practical if you would just remove weed in a smaller area.


It is one of the oldest methods to control weed in the lawn. It is effective and can add to the aesthetic appeal of your garden depending on the material used.

Mulch, however, can shift or fade over time, so you have to replenish or renew its color based on the material used. It must be done before the crabgrass starts invading your lawn.

Using homemade remedies

Using a homemade crabgrass killer like vinegar, salt or lemon is cost-effective. It is also natural and without the use of chemicals. However, it might not be as effective as other solutions if you’re trying to treat a large area.

Also, a natural solution like salt must only be used in an area where you don’t plan to plant anything. (Read more homemade weed killer)

Choose among these natural crabgrass killer solutions based on your needs, area of coverage to target, types of weeds to kill and other important considerations.