Where Do You Put Plants In An RV?

Just because you live in an RV does not mean you should miss out on having a few house plants scattered around, after all, some even come with health benefits. The tricky thing is figuring out where on earth can you put them?!

Before deciding on the plant’s location, think about what plants you want to grow. We recommend going for small house plants such as cacti, venus fly traps, or succulents. These are plants that sit nicely on your windowsill, soak up the glorious rays of the sun, and don’t need a lot of watering or maintenance. 

If you would rather a larger, more dominant plant that will sit on the ground, look into getting peperomia or African violets. Plants such as these have a lot of presence in your living space, do not need to be watered a lot and they definitely do not like being outside. 

Great Places to Put a Plant in Your RV


As we mentioned earlier, plants on your RV windowsill brighten up the RV and keep the plants out of the way. If you have a smaller RV, windowsill plants are going to be the best for you. 

2. On Tables 

Keep the floor space clear and put a nice little plant as a centerpiece on your table instead of vases of flowers that need to be constantly replaced. 

3. In Dull Corners

If you have a dull corner that can’t be utilized for anything else, putting a large plant there can really liven the place up, and makes use of all of the space you have in the RV. 

Where Not to Put Plants in Your RV

It’s never a good idea to put plants near the driver’s seat or close to appliances that could set the plant on fire. You should also avoid putting plants in narrow walkways or corners of the RV that people could trip over and hurt themselves. 

Important RV Responsibilities 

If you are taking the time out to think about the interior design and comfort of your RV, you should do the same about its roadside breakdown cover. This is something that doesn’t cross a lot of RV owners’ minds, especially if you are stationary the majority of the time.  

Not sure what cover suits your needs? Check out this review of the most popular breakdown cover policies around today and see what one works for you. 

Another important responsibility is to keep checking the tire pressure, oil and water in your RV. those of you that travel a lot in your RV probably do this on a regular basis, but people that keep their RV’s stationery for long periods of time forget to check. Doing this every week or so will prevent expensive maintenance work in the long run. 

So remember, safety first when picking a spot for your gorgeous plants, and don’t neglect your other responsibilities. We would love to know what plants you chose for your RV and what safe space you put them in!

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